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Jamie Gregorich up for elimination in Hell's Kitchen

Jamie Gregorich/Fox publicity.
Lesson learned from watching "Hell's Kitchen" Monday? Don't drink and cook.

The reality cooking show which features 25-year-old Bradenton chef Jamie "Hercules" Gregorich, was full of wine and beer guzzling and left one hung-over contestant without a chef's jacket.

Our hometown gal, a sous chef at Longboat Key eatery Euphemia Haye, survived the night ... we think. More on that later.

The episode started right after elimination with Krupa getting loaded on several bottles of wine while the rest of the chefs looked on. Needless to say, Krupa woke up with a very bad hangover.

To make matters worse for her, the competition featured dishes made with different types of beer. The chefs had to taste the beer, then prepare a dish. Some looked like they were enjoying the competition a little too much.

Krupa had apparently killed some brain cells because she couldn't remember the what was in her dish or names of her teammates.

Jamie was not happy. "If we're going to win any challenge, each individual person has to be 100 percent and Krupa is running at 50 percent."

Each team was told to rank the dishes from 1 to 5. Jamie's dish was the topped ranked for the Red Team. While tattooed Tommy was No. 1 for the Blue Team. With the competition tied, Jamie and Tommy both prepared raspberry lambic-marinated duck. Tommy's purple potatoes put his dish over the top, but Jamie's dish also got compliments from the judges.

The Red Team lost the competition (yet again) and was forced to unload supply trucks while the Blue Team test drove Grand Prix race cars.

At once, Elise started complaining about having to do manual labor. The unloading looked daunting with a truckload of ice (20-pound bags) and at least 20 kegs of beer. Jamie just wanted to get the job done and was seen hauling two bags of ice on her shoulders at once! This led Elise to say "I don't need to carry two bags of ice like I was Hercules trying to show off." Hence, Jamie's new nickname.

Everyone on the Red Team is over Elise's attitude and loud mouth. They had a team meeting to confront her bad attitude and as dinner service began the next night she seemed to be trying to work better with her teammates.

Red Team got off to a great start with appetizers but fell short when it came to plate entrees. Jamie and Krupa were having communication problems. I blame Krupa's hangover. Jamie's fish was "pink" and Krupa couldn't cook any meat properly. After being called out by Chef Ramsay, they finally got it together to finish service.

Elise returned to her old ways and lied about her soggy salad, then started yelling out orders at the others.

The Blue Team didn't fare much better. Natalie wasted more than 30 scallops by not knowing how to sear them properly, then she undercooked the fish. Twangy Jonathan had a beef Wellington fiasco which he blamed on others. Both got kicked out of the kitchen.

At the end of service, Ramsay decided that neither team had won. Each team had to nominate two members for elimination.

Krupa nominated herself. I was expecting the others to send in mouthy, lazy Elise. But Elise had other ideas and nominated JAMIE! Jamie was shocked (so was I) and started a shouting match with Elise in which each said the other needed to work on their attitude.

In the confessional, Jamie was close to tears. "I just can't deal with her anymore."

The Blue Team nominated backstabber Jonathan and scallop murderer Natalie.

During the elimination, Chef Ramsay asked Jamie why she thought she should stay. "Chef, I have a lot of fight in me," she said.

Ramsay decided to send Krupa home.

But in a shocking twist, the unpredictable host said "We're not done yet," and the show ended. What does that mean? Jamie looked scared standing up on the chopping block. Will someone else be eliminated? Will it be Jamie? My guess is 'no' because there's a shot of her in the sneak preview for tonight's episode. But really, this was too close for comfort.

A few questions to ponder:
1. Why won't Elise just shut up?
2. Why can't anyone cook scallops or beef Wellington correctly?
3. What happens to all the food that isn't cooked properly? Do you think they give it to the homeless?
4. Will the Red Team ever win a challenge?

The winner of the reality cooking show will get a $250,000 salary as head chef of the prestigious BLT Steak in New York City.

—Posted by Jana Morreale, Day/features editor

"Hell's Kitchen" airs 8 p.m. Mondays and Tuesday on Fox.

Carrie, Jamie and Amanda prepare for a dinner service. Fox publicity photo.

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