Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Neil Young Journeys' opens Aug. 3 at Burns Court Cinemas in Sarasota (with trailer and tracklist)

Neil Young will be on stage at Burns Court Cinemas in Sarasota starting Friday.

Following director Jonathan Demme’s earlier Young concert films, “Heart of Gold” (2006) and “Trunk Show” (2009), "Journeys" was shot at Massey Hall in Toronto in May 2011, during Young’s solo tour supporting his 2010 album, “Le Noise.”

The concert footage is divided between songs recorded for that album (including a couple outtakes) and classics such as "After the Gold Rush" and "My, My, Hey, Hey (Out of the Blue)."

The concert film also shows Young reminiscing while driving around Omemee, his southern Ontario hometown.

"Journeys" tracklist (courtesy of the Neil Young fansite Bad News Beat)
1. Peaceful Valley Boulevard
2. Ohio
3. Down by the River
4. Sign of Love
5. Rumbling
6. Love and War
7. Leia
8. After the Gold Rush
9. I Believe in You
10. My, My, Hey, Hey (Out of the Blue)
11. You Never Call
12. Hitchhiker
13. Walk With Me Also
*“Helpless” is played while the end credits roll.

—Photo by Declan Quinn/ courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics of  Neil Young onstage in the documentary “Neil Young Journeys,” directed by Jonathan Demme.

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