Friday, July 27, 2012

Robin Givens says Mike Tyson marriage was 'a lifetime ago'

While actress Robin Givens workshops her new play "Joy in the Morning" with the Manatee Players in Bradenton, ex-husband Mike Tyson will be on Broadway.

The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world's one-man show “Undisputed Truth,” directed by Spike Lee (“Do the Right Thing,” “Malcolm X”), has a 12 show Broadway run starting July 31.

Givens, who appeared in the Broadway production of "Chicago," married Tyson in 1988. She accused him of spousal abuse on national television before the couple divorced about a year later.

Tyson has said in interviews he will be talking about Givens during his Broadway show.

“You know, this I’ll say, it’s so funny because I literally have a child that’s almost the same age I was when I got married” at age 21, Givens said when I interviewed her earlier this month in downtown Bradenton.

“Literally, it’s like for me just a lifetime ago. I don’t, you know, I was a baby so I don’t know how much is (him airing dirty laundry) or whatever. But, literally, it’s funny for me because I look at my son and I’m like I was about that same age."

The Manatee Players will present "Joy in the Morning," which Givens co-wrote and directs, Aug. 2-3 at Riverfront Theatre in downtown Bradenton.

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