Monday, September 24, 2012

COMMENTARY: Eddie Vedder's $20,000-a-person fundraiser for Obama in South Tampa not for me

Better play the most awesome, spine-tingling, soul-stirring, jaw-dropping version EVER of "Yellow Ledbetter."

And cover "Masters of War" (which he first did in 1992).

Those were my first thoughts when I learned Eddie Vedder was performing at a $20,000-a-person house party in South Tampa.

To be specific, it was a fundraiser attended by President Obama.

A reliable source told me who held the private shindig and where.

As a former South Tampa resident, I know the location. But I have only read about the host.

So even if I had $20,000 (ha, ha) to spend on a night of entertainment (ha, ha, ha, ha), it's doubtful an invite would have come my way.

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—Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performs at the Voices for Justice concert in Little Rock, Ark., in 2010. AP Photo | BRIAN CHILSON

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