Friday, September 7, 2012

Sarasota County's 'TV ME!' concept pitch contest opens for entries

The Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office (SCFEO) is inviting entries for the 2013 TV ME! Contest.

It's the third annual innovative writers’ competition seeking fresh, creative content ideas for television programming. Entries may be submitted now 1 through Nov. 30. Submission instructions and prize information are available online at

As in previous competitions, one grand prize winning entry (GPW) will be chosen as the best across all categories, garnering all of the prizes won by category first place winners, plus the grand prize of an escorted trip to “pitch” in person to a select group of industry professionals. This trip has been to Los Angeles/Hollywood each year, with numerous private meetings taking place to create opportunity and professional relationships for the GPW. The 2012 contest added the new additional element of the InkTip Pitch & Networking Conference attendance for the GPW.

The 2013 contest will add more exciting new elements to the awards and prizes. New York City will be an alternate trip location for meetings and pitching opportunities, based upon the genre of the winning grand prize entry as determined by the SCFEO. Additionally, the SCFEO will introduce the GPW to one or more agents for potential representation.

Contest Seeks Concept Pitches; Not Scripts

Unlike ordinary competitions that require submission of full-length screenplays for movies, scripts for television, or manuscripts for novels -- which can range from 90 pages to 350 pages -- the TV ME! Contest requires only five-to-15-page pitches of a concept for television programming. It’s a variation on the idea of a fast and forceful ‘elevator pitch’ where you give the strongest and most concise summary possible,” says Corcoran. “This contest seeks condensed knock-their-socks-off impact. Powerful brevity is key.”

The 2013 TV ME! contest includes a dozen winning slots: One Grand Prize Winner; three first place, three second place and three third place winners (one in each of three specific categories); and two honorable mention recipients. Depending upon a winner’s placement, he or she may receive trophies, cash awards and gifts from sponsors, and all winners are invited to bring one guest to a press conference announcing their achievements, followed by an awards luncheon in their honor.

Individuals and writing teams may compete for awards and prizes in three different categories:

• scripted series (from comedy to drama, animated to children’s programs, science fiction to hybrids and other genres of recurring and/or series television);

• unscripted/partially scripted (reality programs, game shows, demonstration/training programs such as cooking, crafts, skills, documentary, interview and expose programs, etc.); and

• one-offs (single stand-alone programs such as a mini-series, movie-of-the-week, award or sporting event, or special)

Winners Gain Access to Industry Insiders

The 2012 grand prize winning entry was “Best Seller: America’s Next Great Novelist,” a smart, sharp reality show written by a team of three writers, Lynn Holley, Greg Helton and Jennifer Marquis-Muradaz. The “Best Seller” team was taken to Los Angeles in Spring 2012 and met privately with leading reality production companies including SHED USA, Bunim-Murray, Pilgrim Studios, USA Networks, and Fox Television Studios among others. The GPW team also attended the InkTip Pitch & Networking Conference, providing access and the opportunity to hone their pitching skills to dozens of production companies and producers over a two-day period in an intense “speed dating” format.

The SCFEO arranges pitch training and preparation for the GPW in advance of the trip. For example, sponsors such as “Sell Your TV Concept Now!” teach techniques used by the pros to pitch concepts and programs. The SCFEO arranges and attends all pitch meetings with the GPW, assisting throughout the trip.

To enter or obtain more details, visit

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Sarasota County Film Office said...

Thanks so much for the mention of our TV ME! Contest now being open for submissions thru December 2012. We're excited about the new elements -- including New York City as a new component to the contest, and are excited to see potential agents and other key relationships forming to offer the grand prize winner opportunities!