Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SFF award winner 'Ethel' to premiere Oct. 18 on HBO

Ethel and Robert Kennedy from 'Ethel.'
"Ethel," The Sarasota Film Festival's 2012 Audience Award winner for Best Documentary, will have its HBO premiere at 9 p.m. Thursday (Oct. 18),

A documentary on Ethel Kennedy, the feature by her daughter, Rory Kennedy, provides an insider's view of a political dynasty, including Ethel's life with Robert Kennedy and the years following his death when she raised their 11 children on her own.

"The Sarasota Film Festival is thrilled to support award-winning filmmaker Rory Kennedy, who was an honored guest at the festival this past April, and to share our appreciation for her film as it premieres nationwide tomorrow on HBO," reads a statement issued today.

"We hope that those of you who enjoyed 'Ethel' with us earlier this year will tune in to experience it all over again and are so excited that those of you who did not see the film at the festival will be able to enjoy the film now. Please help spread the word and be sure to tune in to this remarkable film."

—Photo provided by Sarasota Film Festival.

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