Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UPDATED 10/29: Top 10 Songs for Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay

Top 10 songs for the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay: commentary 

Mystery monkey of Tampa Bay is shown in the swimming pool enclosure of Renee Barth in St. Petersburg in this March 21, 2010 photo. Renee Barth/St. Petersburg Times/AP Photo

Gotta admit, I hoped Mystery Monkey would run free forever, maybe even sneak across the Skyway and make a home in Bradenton.

Robinson Preserve would've been great, right?

Alas, Mystery Monkey is now held captive.

The rhesus macaque, which successfully dodged authorities for three years, got shot by a dart and captured Wednesday near St. Petersburg.

Mystery Monkey is being taken to the Animal Hospital of Northwood in Safety Harbor, according to our partners at Bay News 9.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife spokesperson reports
Mystery Monkey will not be euthanized.

The woman recently bitten by Mystery Monkey decided she didn't want the animal tested for rabies, which would've required that the monkey "be put down to examine the brain."

Long live Mystery Monkey!
Here are some songs to celebrate our prime-time primate.

1. "Too Much Monkey Business," Chuck Berry
2. "Monkey Man," The Rolling Stones
3. "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey," The Beatles
4. "Tweeter And The Monkey Man," Traveling Wilburys
5. "Brass Monkey," Beastie Boys
6. "Monkey Gone to Heaven," Pixies
7. "Shock the Monkey," Peter Gabriel
8. "Part Man, Part Monkey," Bruce Springsteen
9. "Leave My Monkey Alone," Warren Zevon
10. "Monkey on My Back," Aerosmith

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Anonymous said...

Of course I had to add "Monkey" by the Counting Crows. I have to say I was sad to see him captured as well but I hear he's going to get some female companionship which should make the transition smoother for him.