Monday, October 22, 2012

Tucker and Winston's big day at Bradenton Riverwalk

After all the articles I've already written about Bradenton Riverwalk, you would think I'd be tired of the place.


Can't get enough.

We returned again for a long, wonderful afternoon Sunday that found us having a tasty lunch at Tarpon Pointe Grille & Tiki Bar before enjoying drinks at Pier 22.

And ice cream from the truck parked behind the Pavilion and Event Area.

In between, we strolled the Riverwalk with about a thousand (or more) other friendly people of all ages and plenty of pets.

Yes, our French bulldog Tucker and his new best friend Winston were there.

Thanks to my Sunday column and the picture that ran prominently on, they were recognized everywhere we went.

I think all the attention might be going to Tucker's head.

Oh well.

Here's my Sunday column (with picture of Tucker smiling):

Bradenton Riverwalk is a great destination spot, especially for dog lovers

—Photo of Tucker (foreground) and Winston drinking from a doggy water fountain at Bradenton Riverwalk on Sunday.  


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see 2 Bishop Animal Shelter adoptees featured so prominently! Winston and Tucker are truly lucky dogs having found their forever homes.

Wade Tatangelo said...

Can't say enough great stuff about Bishop Animal Shelter in Bradenton. They've made us and so many others so very happy.